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Renew Legal is a niche law firm that focusses on - and is passionate about - providing specialist legal advice and support to the renewable energy industry. Our lawyers have worked at the highest levels in the sector - whether within large commercial law firms, major renewables developers and leading multi-disciplinary consultancies.  More importantly, they have worked extensively as integral parts of many renewable energy projects, including offshore and onshore wind, solar, hydro, biomass and AD.  We are proud to be able to say that the photographs on this website are just a small selection of the projects on which our people have been involved directly.

As befits the sector and our name, our service takes a renewed, dynamic and innovative approach to the provision of legal support. Yes, we offer the expertise that you would expect from a traditional on-call law firm. However, we add to that the flexiblity of experienced in-house renewable energy specialist lawyers who are able to work within your business or project, rather than detached in a distant office. Our in-house experience indicated that this is how legal support to a business or project can be truly effective and valuable - by being part of that business or project.

Our Ethos

A business model in the Client’s best interests

Our lawyers have worked for large commercial firms and in-house for large businesses, purchasing legal support from external practices. Our experience gives us a clear understanding of how law firms operate and what Clients want. Unfortunately, there is often a gap between the two.

The Challenge

Our experience as "Clients" has taught us that the corporate reputation of a large commercial firm counts for very little when you are relying on the individual sat next to you at a high stakes contract negotiation or drafting adjudication submissions against the clock. It is that individual’s skills and experience that are more important to you than the name of the firm that pays his or her salary.

The difficulty is that the traditional legal business model is highly leveraged. This means that the individual lawyer upon whom you're relying is likely to be relatively junior - but also relatively expensive. It also means that the firm must offer its services across a very broad spectrum of business sectors. Its lawyers are likely to be specialists in an area of law (e.g. Property, Construction or Litigation) but not necessarily specialists in a particular business sector

Conversely, the Client often seeks senior, skilled and approachable lawyers who can provide added value based on their knowledge in and experience of that Client's business sector. It may also want that lawyer to be an integral part of its business or project team, spending time in its office or on-site. It will also want the service to be provided at a reasonable and justifiable cost.

Our Solution

We've gone back to basics and looked at the provision of legal services from the Client's viewpoint.  Our business model moves away from that of the traditional law firm and, as befits our name, tackles The Challenge head-on with a renewed ethos that better balances the sector-focussed structure and requirements of the Client with those of the service provider.  

We think it results in an innovative, fresh and thoroughly modern service that is focussed on the needs and interests of the Client and the Renewables sector in particular. 

What We Provide

  • What you see is what you get.  Our ethos ensures that the individual lawyer working with you is experienced, highly skilled, approachable and a proven specialist in your business sector.  You can rest assured that the experienced senior-level lawyers that pitch to you and meet you also do the work for you. 
  • Low and flexible charging rates and structures. Renew Legal is not highly leveraged. We don’t have the overheads that flow from large offices, secretary pools, and complex back-office set-ups. As a result, our ethos is that what we charge reflects the value of the work, not the need to service a large cost-base. The benefit is clear in the invoices that you receive.
  • A modern service to suit your needs. Our ethos means that we can be entirely flexible. If you need an experienced lawyer in your project office 3 or 4 days a week for 6 months, we can offer the day rates and flexibility to make it work. Perhaps you need fixed cost retainer support 5 days a month. Perhaps you need your lawyers to work on a pain/gain share basis, or perhaps you simply want them to be available on a traditional on-demand hourly rate basis. Whatever works best for you works best for us. 


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